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Do you have a full menu of everything you offer? We don't have a normal menu like most restaurants because our menu changes every day, it's truly never the same. This makes it impossible for us to print up a menu or post it online.
Where do you get the photos of your food? We take all our own pictures (we don't just cook and bake, we like photography as well!) Every morning, we make up different dishes and snap some photos with our handy-dandy camera. Then we might add some text to the photo to give a description or point something out .
What kind of food do you serve? The style of our food is a melting pot of cuisines from different cultures around the world. Our method to our madness is that we make just about everything from scratch. This might not seem like a big deal until you realize just how much other restaurants get stuff out of a can/freezer and that just doesn't sit well with us.
Could you make _________ for me even if it's not on today's menu? If there's something that you feel like, don't hesitate to ask, you might just be in luck! We can usually make something for you that's been on the menu in the past couple of days but not always.
Why don't you have tables to eat at? The Ontario government doesn't allow any restaurant or eatery to have tables & chairs unless they have 2 washrooms. Due to space, we aren't able to put in 2 full-size washrooms and still have room for any seating. We invite you to eat at our counter on the bar stools, but we realize that doesn't help if there's more than 3 or 4 of you.
When are you going to have _________ on the menu next? Quite a bit of planning goes into our menu each week and we make sure to rotate our popular dishes often. We love to hear about the food that people crave. Let us know and we'll push it to the top of our list.
When you say your soups are 'made from scratch', what does that mean? We highlight the fact that we make our own soups from individual ingredients because we know about 90% of restaurants—fast food, fine dining, diner-style, you name it—take either a can or frozen chunk and warm it in a pot. Why do restaurants do this when the flavour and quality doesn't compare to soup made fresh? Because it saves time to be doing other things than making soup. You could say most restaurants don't take soup very seriously, it's usually a side dish or appetizer. Maybe that's why we're the opposite; soup is a big part of our menu and we couldn't imagine making it any other way.
Do you use Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in your food? No. We do not and never, ever will use MSG in anything we make. We won't say that we believe restaurants that use MSG in their food can't actually cook, we just don't agree with the whole additives thing. Just answering this question makes us feel like we need a big glass of water!
Is your Cream of Mushroom Soup vegetarian? A lot of things that you would think are vegetarian actually start off as a beef or chicken stock (for flavour.) If you're ever wondering, don't hesitate to ask us. Look for the V symbol to show that it's vegetarian. (Psst, even if nothing is vegetarian on today's menu, we can prepare something fresh for you.)
Do you make anything gluten-free? We know there's a real need for gluten-free and wheat-free products, but at this time we don't have anything. Part of the reason is because cross-contamination is very important and working out of a kitchen the size of ours, we can't guarantee that. This isn't to say we won't have gluten-free products in the future though. We would love to hear what you have to say if you or someone you know has a gluten/wheat allergy; you can get in touch with us at
Do you take debit or credit cards? Yes, we take Interac, MasterCard and Visa.
You still haven't answered my question! Not to worry, if you want to know about something, get in touch with us by email (,) phone (519-480-0234) or dropping by the shop (18 Fifth St N, Chatham, ON.) We'd love to help you out if you have a question or concern.
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